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  Hank Bullington is a Pittsburgh based freelance Scenic and Video designer.  



Hank’s recent Design credits include:

Scenic Design, The White Chip, (City Theatre).

Scenic Design and Technical Direction, D.O.D.O (Bricolage). Scenic Design, Mr. Burns, A Post Electric Play (12 Peers Theater).

Scenic Design, Midnight Radio: A Christmas Story, Night Of The Living Dead N’at and The 2016 Holiday Spectacular (Bricolage).

Scenic and Video design, Young Playwrights Festival (City Theatre 2016).

Scenic and Video Design, A Gathering of Sons, Sweeney Todd, Xerxes, Intermezzo (Pittsburgh Festival Opera, 2017).

Scenic Design, The Birds (12 Peers Theatre). 

Upcoming Design Work 2018: Scenic Design, Building The Wall and Stupid !@#$ing Bird (12 Peers Theatre). Technical Director, The forest of Everywhere, (Bricolage)






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